A Fresh Start / by Gareth Mcguigan

Hi everyone and welcome to the new and improved website, it has been a while since I have even given my website some thought, trying to work this all out gives me a headache. I had big plans for the website the first time around, i'd be blogging regularly and updating photos monthly. I quickly found that writing was not my thing, looking at a keyboard was like looking at letters dancing under my fingertips. I also found that the only comments I would receive would be the kind that point out my mistakes, I found this a little embarrassing, so I stopped.

While I left the website alone I also pulled back from social media. Facebook was hardly used but it was Instagram that I was beginning to get frustrated with. I won't get into why, we all see enough of that instawhinging.

The good news is, I don't care anymore about what people will think about a poorly written post, I will post anyway. I will also be going back to what I enjoy doing with my photography and not let myself be tempted to fall into the instagram trap which so easily can get you. I will be posting a lot more here in 2017, the goal will be to keep things short and sweet with plenty of new content along the way, and as for Instagram, there is still gold to be found there and genuinely great people too and that's what will keep me there, just a ton more pretenders to shift through. 

2017 will be a great year.